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Firearm and Use of Force Training Simulator


We have obtained the best possible instructor training available from the State of New York Municipal Police Training Council, to The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so that our students can receive the best possible instruction.

We have now added a Law Enforcement Firearms Training Simulator to our school.

This combination of instruction and technology will give you the experience and training not available at any other location.

This equipment will allow us to customize courses for your needs.

Topics will include:
  • Police / Security Patrol and Public Interaction
  • Off Duty and Plain Clothes Self Defense
  • Police on Police (or security) encounters
  • Active Shooter Training (ie. Schools, workplace, and movie theaters)
  • Terrorism
  • Car Stops
  • Burglary Calls
  • Ambushes
  • Executive and VIP Details
  • and much more..

Click here for a sample of Training Conducted with a Firearms Training Simulator.

Our school offers all of these courses.  Please call us at 516-521-9055 for tuitions and course dates.